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Admit it, anyone who has seen and appreciated the famous Star Wars saga has probably dreamt of using the Force, the energy field that pervades the entire universe created by George Lucas. Among the various powers that usage of the Force offers, one of the most interesting is definitely telekinesis, the ability to manipulate objects with the mind.

The device developed by NeuroSky, a BCI manufacturing company founded in 2004 in Silicon Valley, California, offers a taste of this special ability by allowing you to interact with holograms through your thoughts. We’re talking about a game, of course, but such an application of the BCI is definitely interesting.

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Become a Jedi master

The Force Trainer II
Credits: NeuroSky

Let Yoda’s voice guide you and teach you how to use force. The game, in fact, consists of controlling holograms through a wireless EEG headset that measures the user’s level of concentration from his brain waves. The headset uses the Bluetooth connection and electrodes that do not require the addition of gel. 10 levels of Jedi training are available, from Padawan to the legendary rank of master. To generate holograms, you need to use a tablet, Apple or Android.

This is The Force Trainer II, marketed by Uncle Milton Toys. Released on the market in 2015, it is the successor of The Force Trainer I, released in 2009. The first game consisted of levitating a sphere inside the cylinder through an airflow whose intensity depends again on the level of concentration.

This is an example of how BCIs can enter the world of gaming by promising increasingly engaging and entertaining experiences.

And you, have you ever tried one of the two versions of The Force Trainer? What do you think about it?


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