Why an online magazine about Brain-Computer Interfaces?

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Every single day at Vibre, a startup that aims to disrupt the field of BCIs with a new approach, we research and develop new technologies and systems that day by day are bringing us closer to our objective: make Neural Interfaces land in our daily life.
Every moment we are trying to add new pieces to the history of Brain-Computer Interfaces, always keeping in mind that other players are already building it. We constantly keep an eye on what is being developed around the globe and in our career we met many companies in the field, whose number is growing especially in the sector of hardware development. Huge players like Facebook or Elon Musk made a step on the scene of Neural Interfaces, and many news is published daily.


Despite the dozens of news on the web, today there is not a whole site dedicated to brain-machine interfaces that help people to be aware of this technology. BCIs are exploding right now and have the potential to change in better people’s lives, but until today they had been locked into research labs, so many people don’t even know about their existence. Our mission is, therefore, to spread the knowledge about BCIs, both to curious people and experts, by reporting news about recent discoveries, curiosities, applications and insights from every company dealing with neural interfaces.

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We decided to develop the first online magazine about Brain-Computer Interfaces and, thanks to our partnership with the Italian Close-up Engineering network, we have structured an editorial staff including both graduates in Biomedical and Computer Science Engineering with the precious contribution of med students. Every week we will publish news on inBrain.tech and pills of knowledge on our social pages and will show our readers what will be the past, the present and the probable future of Brain-Computer Interfaces.
Moreover, we will explain to our readers what are the results obtained in our laboratories: from rehabilitation to biometric systems, from the art made with thoughts to cloud-based and web-based BCIs and a lot more.

But that’s not it. We want to give a role in our project to all the actors of the scene: whoever wants to write articles about his experience, or give his contribution is welcome. Everybody can send us articles by writing an email to author@inbrain.tech, our staff will review it and it will be published with all the author’s references.

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Raffaele Salvemini
I founded my first project at the age of 20. Since then, I have not stopped. Now, I'm CEO and Founder of Vibre, a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) company with a great mission: building a mind-driven world building a web & cloud-based BCI approach. I have always tried to insert revolutionary innovation to make interesting sectors evolve, with my visions and my ambitions.


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