Elon Musk: important update on Brain-Computer Interface is coming soon

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Neuralink is close to announcing the brain-machine interface to connect humans and computers 

~ Elon Musk
Neuralink CEO

This is the latest revelation of Elon Musk, the well-known South African entrepreneur with U.S. citizenship, who, in April 2019, with a net worth of $22.3 billion, has been listed by Forbes as the 40th-richest person in the world.

Elon Musk: important update on Brain-Computer Interface is coming soon
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Defined by the press as the new Steve Jobs, Musk has already revolutionized three key economic sectors with an unstoppable ambition: automotive with Tesla Motors, astronautics with SpaceX and renewable energy with Solar City. Although these companies have achieved excellent results, the new project of Neuralink, an American neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk and other partners to develop implantable brain-computer interfaces, looks much more promising.

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Launched in 2016, the Neuralink company aims to create devices to amplify the abilities of the human brain, making it competitive with the increasingly advanced artificial intelligence, with the eventual goal of human enhancement. According to Musk, a direct cortical interface could allow humans to reach higher levels of cognition, connecting the human brain to the computer for various applications.
Musk’s goal is to achieve symbiosis with artificial intelligence, which he perceives as an existential threat to humanity if it goes unchecked. Nowadays some neuroprosthetics can interpret brain signals and allow people with disabilities to control their prosthetic limbs. Musk aims to connect that technology with systems that, instead of making movements, can interface with other types of software and gadgets at broadband speeds.

Elon Musk: important update on Brain-Computer Interface is coming soon
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Musk himself, as a guest at the Joe Rogan Experience, said smartphones have already turned us into a sort of cyborg. However, due to mobile technology limitations, the connection between our brain and these mobiles is not so direct and rapid as we think. The innovative Neuralink product, which could be launched in the coming months, will solve this problem.

“When you use a smartphone or a computer, you can answer any question almost instantly. You can remember something smoothly. Your smartphone can remember videos and photos without any problems. Your smartphone is already your extension. Many people do not realize that they are already cyborgs. But data sharing is slow, very slow. It’s like a subtle flow of information between the biological and the digital version of yourself. We need to turn that small stream into a huge river.” – Elon Musk –

According to rumors, it seems that the entrepreneur has revealed with a tweet, he has reached an advanced stage of development for the project to connect the brain and artificial intelligence. He also added important updates will arrive soon.

We have a tempting clue about this: Bloomberg recently reported an unpublished academic article by five authors who have already worked for Neuralink. The paper describes a “sewing machine” for the brain, which is a needle-like device inserted into the skull of a mouse in order to implant a foldable polymer electrode in the brain able to read its electrical signals.

For more information read also “Sewing machine” for the brain: a new frontier in BCI

This technology could also be used for other purposes: for example the treatment of patients with severe brain injuries or with neurological disorders. May Musk’s tweets refer to their work? We cannot know for sure, we will have to wait impatiently for the next updates, which, according to Musk, will not be long in coming.

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