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Have you ever wondered what would be like to see the shape of your thoughts? At Vibre we had, and we also found a way to show it to the people.

It is called BrainArt, a Passive Neural Interface capable of transforming thoughts into abstract lines whose characteristics depend on how the subjects feel during a particular experience.

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In a first moment we designed BrainArt thinking about an experience based on music listening, but, with the same basic principle, it can be easily applied to any other activity, like smelling a scent or tasting foods or beverages.

This is how it works with music: the subject chooses a song, often one related to a special moment or memory, and after a relaxing session of one minute he listens to his track letting his mind and emotions free to follow the music. In the end, a painting slowly takes shape on a screen.

During the listening, the brain signals are recorded through a very comfortable acquisition system with dry electrodes, the Muse by Interaxon. The signals are sent to our software that filters and elaborates them it in order to extract 3 features from which it determines the main structure of the painting, the color and the complexity of the lines.

©Muse by Interaxon, brain signal acquisition system.

The disposition of the main lines comes from a characteristic that is unique for every people that we call MindPrint, in this way it is impossible for two different people to create the same work of art, each of them is unrepeatable.

The complexity of the painting, in other words the number of vortexes and the irregularity of the lines, depends on the Activation of the brain, literally how strong had been the experience for the subject.

Finally, the colors are determined by the approach to the experience, quantified by a measure called Valence. This quantity is mapped in ascending order on a color scale from blue to red (more in general from cold colors to hot ones). On the bottom of the scale we can find a rational approach, so the subject explored his memories and thoughts recalling details about them. Higher values instead are related to a more emotional approach: the subject lets the music permeate him without thinking about anything else.

©Vibre – A BrainArt painting.

BrainArt is a commercialized product and it includes the listening experience in a comfortable room, in which the customer can be alone in total privacy with lights off, a print on canvas with size 45×60 cm and a fully customized brochure that explains from a scientific point of view what happened during the experience and why the painting is the way it is.

The experience can also be done by more people at the same time: we created BrainArt for couples in which two people can listen to the same song and create a joint painting made by two different halves, each related to the individual, that merge in the center becoming one indivisible thing.

BrainArt is not just a painting, it is the perfect combination of science and art that makes it possible to give a concrete shape to something intangible until now: your feeling and emotions.

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Stefano Stravato
I have always been passionate about technology, especially when it deals with people's health and well-being. This is why I got a Master Degree in Biomedical Engineering and I Co-Founded Vibre, a startup that is disrupting the field of Brain-Computer Interfaces, aiming to create a Mind-Driven World. I firmly believe that Neural Interfaces can improve people's lives, especially those of people with particular needs, for this reason, I spend everyday all my energies to transform our vision into reality.


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